New technologies: the car won’t let the drunk driver take the wheel

Japanese companies Honda and Hitachi have developed an interesting breathalyzer: it is integrated directly into a car key. Therefore, the “clever” key won’t even let the drunk driver run the car.

drunk driver take the wheel

The companies Honda and Hitachi announced a collaborative development of breathalyzer, that can determine the levels of alcohols for three seconds by human breath. The car simply won’t start, if the level of ethanol exceeds the norm. The experts of the think that it will help to increase the road safety, as the system can detect the drunk driver even before he/she takes the wheel.

The advantage of the new system is that the sensors can determine the precise level of blood alcohol in a matter of seconds.

While the gadget is being tested, the prototype of the device and the test results should be presented to the wide audience during the SAE World Congress on the12–14 of April.