What you need to know choosing the oil filter?

What you need to know choosing the oil filter?

Until about the middle of the second decade of the last century automobile engine lubrication system worked without any filters. For this reason, replacing the crude oil was changed very often (after 600-700 km run).

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The main function of the oil filter is to clean the engine oil of all kinds of mechanical impurities (wear products) produced during operation of the engine. Well, for the smooth operation of the lubrication system without a problem for owner of the vehicle you should not only choose the right oil, but also directly the oil filter.

The abrasive mixture formed by mixing of oil and wear debris can easily damage the surface of the oil rings, bearings, cylinders, etc. And if the oil filter can’t cope with their tasks, the car owner will have to make engine repairs much sooner than he had expected.

Oil filters can’t delay all mechanical impurities, but it’s not required, because the filter elements with microscopic pores become clogged quickly, what reduce the throughput and leads to a drop in oil pressure.